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8 thoughts on “ Always Running Back - Diversity - To Live in Fear...

  1. “I want to really applaud our administration because they have really reached out to us and talked to us, but they think this is a step that’s not required because they’re in fear of adding one more thing to the requirements for classes, and maybe it’s going to cause more animosity or, like, shift four-year plans, etcetera, etcetera.,”.
  2. Most people in our culture are riddled with fear, and it's running the show in our lives, taking the wheel in most of our decision-making. But the funny thing is, most people don't even know it. This is partly because, in our culture, we tend to dress up "fear" in the more socially acceptable clothes of "stress." And stress well, hell, stress is practically a badge of success in our culture!
  3. Fear is an instinctual response that’s adaptive and critical for survival when it is short-lived but can lead to anxiety disorders when chronic. Studying how the brain controls our fears helps us understand the mechanisms required to recover from traumatic experiences and what goes wrong when we don’t. Research in rodents has identified neural circuits and molecular mechanisms regulating Cited by: 2.
  4. Sounds like you don't want diverse opinions over this:) In many cases a non diverse population is better due to greater coherence and social stability. It's easier to enforce social norms, raise taxes and armies as well as get the crops in. Diver.
  5. I’ve learned that possibly the greatest detractor from high performance is fear: fear that you are not prepared, fear that you are in over your head, fear that you are not worthy, and ultimately, fear of failure. “Win Forever: Live, Work, and Play Like a Champion”, p, Penguin Copy quote. Each person holds so much power within.
  6. Professors Lakshmi Ramarajan and David Thomas argue that focusing on the benefits of a diverse organization will lead to workplace policies that embrace diversity, instead of grudgingly accepting it or dancing around it.
  7. Jul 15,  · And yet, there is always something that trips me up. Always something that gets me running back to the foot of the cross to pick up a few items I had laid down, because I mean what if He doesn’t take care of things in the way that I asked? If you ask me, this whole surrender thing, while great in theory, is downright scary.

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