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6 thoughts on “ Chapter 3: Captain Cook - Doctor Who - The Greatest Show In The Galaxy

  1. Foil: Captain Cook and Mags serve as a parallel to the Doctor and Ace, with the difference being that Cook is a pompous coward who can't actually walk the walk the way the Doctor can. For the Evulz: The Gods of Ragnarok who were trapped in a parallel dimension (possibly by the Doctor himself) and take over a circus to force people to perform for them, just to alleviate their boredom.
  2. Captain Cook was an intergalactic explorer who travelled with Mags, a werewolf. He first met Mags on the planet Vulpana where he took her with him because of her status as a werewolf. Cook realised that on Segonax there was a mighty power that he could claim. There, he met the Seventh Doctor and.
  3. T.P. McKenna (7 September February ) played Captain Cook in the Doctor Who television story The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. He had earlier been considered for the role of the Chief Caretaker in Paradise Towers. (TCH 43) He was perhaps .
  4. All episodes of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. Part 3. Ace must stop the Chief Clown as the Doctor realises that he is next into the ring. Captain Cook goes to extreme measures to ensure.
  5. A page for describing Trivia: Doctor Who S25 E4 "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy". Actor-Inspired Element: Ian Reddington came up with a lot of the Chief .
  6. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy is a good example of this. Like a circus itself, the story is colorful, dynamic, and has a lot of style, but doesn't have an engaging plot. A lot of cool stuff happens and it looks interesting, but these events aren't really tied together very well.

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