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10 thoughts on “ Something Else - Sherry Ryan - Wonderful Cures

  1. Dec 27,  · I probably know what I want or what kind of thing I want. what I have now is not good, so I want something else. |"something else" is more specific to one thing I think. When they're used in a question, the meanings are slightly different: "Would you like anything else?" = .
  2. Wonderful Cures is another showcase for Sherry's exceptional songwriting. Produced by Mark Bragg and recorded in St. John's by Don Ellis, this album is a bit of a departure in that the bulk of the recording was done in just three days. In an effort to showcase Ryan's evolution as a songwriter, producer Mark Bragg chose to work with less.
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  6. Ryan's mother, Sherry, was unlike her son in the fact that she was none too tall and had short blondeish hair in a bob-cut. She was not sure if it was from the coolness of the basement or something else. She went to the front of the sofa and stood in front of all the boys. They were all looking at her. "I just can't take it anymore. I.
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  8. May 25,  · Calling up two relatives to join her in a rendition of ”Something Else” (from ’s Wonderful Cures), its powerful chorus lit up the room, Ryan’s vocal still able to cut through the full force gale of voices. The natural fit of Ryan’s vocals to Browne’s harmonies was realized in the Carter Family’s “Bury Me Under The Weeping.
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